Food and drink

Our menu is different than others. We change it every week! We will always have doughnuts, soup, doughscuits, and other special items but the flavors change each week. It lets us be creative and since we have about 30 different flavors of doughnuts, 6 different soups, and many other items and flavors. It enables us to be able to make each one of those items every so often!

The items on our website are only a few things we offer. We will post our full menu for each week each Monday on our Facebook and Instagram.  

Our gourmet doughnuts are a lot more filling than your average doughnut. We use quality ingredients for all of our delicious tasting treats, plus, everything we make is gluten free!! We do our best to price items reasonably.


Coconut butter Bites

Our coconut butter bites are gluten free and dairy free.  These little treats have a coconut butter cream filling and are covered with rich dark chocolate. We only serve these occasionally so catch them when you can!



Corn Fritters and avo dip

These babies are so good! We make these with corn and cornmeal, green onions and other spices and is pan fried with a side of avocado dipping sauce.



Maple Bacon

The Maple bacon was our first doughnut success. It has been one of our staple doughnuts and for sure a crowd pleaser. I don't think we'll ever stop making this one. We use thick cut applewood smoked bacon and grade AA dark maple syrup.